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Evans Ornamental Turning lathe No. 1292

Supplied in 1893 to F. C .Hunter Esq. of 75 Portland Place, London

This lathe brings together the best working features of Evans, Birch and Holtzapffel. F. C. Hunter clearly had definite ideas about what he wanted and the lathe appears to have been supplied from new with interchangeable Birch ornamental turning and engineering slide rests fitted to the substantial cross-slide. There are very detailed Holtzapffel ledger entries relating to the supply of the rose chuck and other items to F. C. Hunter dated March 1893 (these are on the Society's website in the Articles section). All items supplied by Holtzapffel in 1893 are now being sold together, including the rose chuck and ancillary equipment, which is still in the original fitted mahogany box in which it was supplied.

Double mahogany frame with flywheel, crankshaft and treadle, 5" screw mandrel headstock complete with hobs, segment apparatus and spiral apparatus, Birch ornamental slide rest with curvilinear apparatus and templates, Birch engineering slide rest, hand tool rest and banjo, conventional boring collar and an unusual Evans one which fits in the tool rest banjo, screw barrel tailstock, Evans overhead with two cranes. Holtzapffel drive fitted to rear of back board with associated counter weight and pulleys. Eccentric chuck, oval chuck (modified nose thread), dome chuck.

Holtzapffel rose chuck in fitted box with 6 rosettes. Holtzapffel counting apparatus with 4 plates and slow motion drive in fitted box. These two boxes and contents fully described in the above mentioned ledger entry.

Comprehensive selection of cutting frames including eccentric, universal, internal, drilling.

Brass cup etc. chucks, small 3 jaw chuck, chuck making taps and cylinder (D) bit.

Asking for offers in the region of £ 12000. The lathe is in Bucks, near Thame. Enquiries to Richard Levy, phone 07932 652993.

Ornamental turning lathe for sale 6 1/2 inch centre height

An ornamental turning lathe without maker's name or serial number, with traversing mandrel headstock, five-step brass pulley with four rows of division holes, star-wheel, tailstock, early pattern slide rest with eccentric cutting frame, hand rest, single-standard iron overhead with counter-weighted pulley crane, iron bed on single mahogany frame with iron struts and backboard on iron brackets, flywheel, crank and hook (no treadle found, though the treadle hook and bearings are present) – centre height 6 ½ in., bed 54 in. long overall. The star nut for thread cutting has 6 cut outs as usual but only three of them are threaded, the others being left blank.

Accessories in chest include:

Index and index ball (and two more indices of unknown purpose), tool holder for slide-rest, two other cutting frames, bow nut, three star-wheel bobbins. 15 cutters, approximately 60 cutting frame cutters, two slide-rest levers. Six thread chasers, various sundries. Iron and brass oval chuck with cam ring (needs work), two hand-rests, three prong chucks, two faceplates, three other chucks.

Situated near Newbury, buyer to collect.

£ 1000.00 or offer

Holtzapffel Turning & Mechanical Manipulation 5 vols. in original binding. £ 80.00.

Contact Martin McCurdy
T: 01273 325341
M: 0780 525 8066

For Sale: Holtzapffel Lathe No. 2446.

Holtzapffel 2446

This comprehensive lathe has an exceptional provenance; the present owner acquired the lathe in June 1970 from the daughter of John George Holtzapffel-Budd. The outfit includes Holtzapffel volumes bearing inscriptions from Amelia Holtzapffel and John Jacob Holtzapffel (II) to George William Budd.

The lathe has a double mahogany frame with cast iron bed, treadle, flywheel, and under-lathe cabinet. The headstock is a 5 inch C.H. traversing/screw mandrel with division plate, simple indexer, adjustable indexer, rapid indexing attachment, segment apparatus, and screw guides. The lathe includes an ornamental sliderest, several handrests and pedestals, curvilinear attachment, spiral apparatus, raising blocks, and matching tailstock. The lathe has a double overhead pulley drive arrangement. A large number of chucks including: elliptical, eccentric, rectilinear, large dome, small dome, universal, self centring, and a large selection of fixed chucks. The lathe includes rose/vertical/internal/eccentric/drilling cutting frames with 2 mahogany chests of cutters. Reducing pantograph for medallions. Goniostat and mahogany chest. Holtzapffel callipers, depth gauges, and vertical guide. Other equipment and hand tools. An original full-sized tool cabinet, with a large set of drawers forming the lower half, with chisel racks in the doors, and a glazed display cabinet for chucks and cutters mounted above, accompanies the lathe.

The lathe and all component and tools can be viewed and examined by appointment at a location close to Cardiff, UK. Price £15,500. There is further information available on a decicated webpage further information contact the Secretary,