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The library contains a comprehensive collection of works covering all aspects of ornamental turning catering both for the needs of the novice and the experienced practitioner in search of obscure information. Many books are available to be loaned to members.

The Literature of Ornamental Turning – Short Bibliography

The most significant work on ornamental turning is: “Turning and Mechanical Manipulation” by Charles & John Jacob Holtzapffel (5 vols. 1843 - 1897). Volume 5, entitled “The Principles and Practice of Ornamental or Complex Turning ” (Reprint ISBN 0-486-26567-6) is considered to be the ‘bible’ of Ornamental Turning but there is much related information in the other volumes. (V1-V3 ISBN 1-85761-031-8 & V4 ISBN 0-486-26567-9).

Starting Points

In addition to Holtzapffel, the following books are readily available and in addition to being useful general works they provide useful starting points for those new to ornamental turning.

J H EvansOrnamental Turning1886(Reprint 1993 ISBN 1-879335-35-2)
J LukinThe Lathe & Its Uses1868(Reprint ISBN 1-879335-49-2)
T D WalshawOrnamental Turning1990(Reprint 1994 ISBN 1-85486-108-5)

Comprehensive Bibliography

A comprehensive ornamental turning bibliography may be found in Abell, Leggat & Ogden “A Bibliography of the Art of Turning & Lathe & Machine Tool History”

Works of particular interest to ornamental turners

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